Pathron Draft
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Pathron Draft

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Yet again the Draft’s designers have outfoxed the accountants, packing it with top-end tech for a low-end price. With wide bands of high quality carbon fibre both above and below the Draft’s core, and dual X-shaped carbon-kevlar straps, we doubt any other board contains as much carbon. The Draft’s profile combines micro-camber and rocker into a hybrid construction that fears no competition. Appropriately high stiffness ensures a rock-solid leading edge and the carbon overload generates gigantic pop. Riding the Draft you will never want to leave the slopes.

Profile: Camrocker
Shape: Twin
Lamination: Triax
Base: Sintered
Reinforcemenet: Carbon/Kevlar + Power Plates
Flex: Stiff
Finish: Matt
Level: Intermediate/Advanced